Quirindi Event 2018!

We are a few events behind with our updates so bear with us!

Heat, Gatorade, Bubbles and Coronas pretty much sums up the successful Quirindi CIC event. Oh, and the wonderful coffee in the coffee van! We just love coming to Quirindi and so do the kids.

Darryl and Vicky Burgess and the rest of the committee deserve a huge thank you for stepping in and moving Quirindi’s event forward, stepping into Scone’s spot after the drought forced them to cancel. Thanks also to the major sponsor of the event MITAVITE for their generous sponsorship. Mitavite has been a long time sponsor of Werakata Farm and great supporters of horse sports in Australia.

Quirindi is a beautiful part of the world and there is just the most wonderful feel about the event there. It’s a great cross country course and the jumps were turned out well. It’s worth a mention that when other places can be as hard as a rock due to the lack of rain, Quirindi’s black soil always feels great to ride on. I’ve heard a couple of people say over the years that they see the cracks in the ground and worry it’s too hard but it crumbles beautifully with just the right amount of give. Just make sure if it’s wet you grease the inside of your horses hooves!!!

All our horses put in solid performances. Perfect Partner, Hubert and Go Kidman put in consistent performance in the ev 95 open division to finish 3rd, 5th and 8th. Bradgate Park Galileo is showing signs of following in his older brothers (Dante’s) footsteps finishing 4th in the ev105cm. The star of the truck was Marlin Park Vienna owned by Linda Greenwood who won the ev 80 finishing on her dressage score.

We also must mention Jenna Pace ( who is one of our three new working pupils) having her first eventing start. She blew the field away winning the ev60.

I must also mention to those who know how famous I am at breaking, anything that’s mechanical that I did manage to locate and fix the big water leak that occurred on Saturday night! This gained me some serious brownie points!

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