Training horses on good surfaces is paramount to long term soundness.  Our dressage arena is a 20 x 60m ELD sand arena.  Todd Cunningham of Equestrian Land Development built our arena in 2005, and a 40 x 70 grass and sand jumping arena a few years after.

Our 20x60m sand dressage arena.

Our 40x70m grass and sand jumping arena.

Our Craig Gordon designed and built cross country course began in 2014 and has had 2 stages of development so far.  We have been fortunate to have the expertise of Craig and look forward to doing our final stage at some point in the not too distant future.  The addition of this course has been hugely influential in training successful horses and students and improving the standard and safety of our cross country riders is something we enjoy enormously.


More photos of cross country course.

Our large back paddock gives us plenty of room to ride.  Horses in work get the variety of doing hill work and splashing through the dam.  Great for the young horses to experience different terrains and work confidently outside the arenas.  Easy access to the national parks trails allows us to do our trotting fitness work on firm surface ideal for horses in three day event preparation.

Our paddocks are varying sizes to suit horses that are in work, spelling and rehabilitation.  They have shelters and we have used plasma posts with a nylon strainer and electric standoffs.  We make every effort to provide a safe and happy home for our horses. Horse positioning can make a big difference to a horses relaxation levels and we spend whatever time needed to ensure they are comfortable with their paddock neighbours.

Although we like to keep our horses in paddocks, we do have stables for those that need it.  They are rubber lined and floored and are monitored appropriately.

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