Werakata Horses

Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy Logic Dressage, Adelaide

He may be retired but he still heads up the list due to sentimental reasons.

  • 2000 – Short listed for Sydney Olympics
  • 2000 – 2nd Melbourne Three Day Event 3*
  • 2000 – 4th Auckland International Three Day Event 3*
  • 2001 -5th Adelaide International Three Day Event 4*
  • 2002 – 3rd Melbourne Three Day Event 3*
  • 2003 – 2nd New Zealand National Three Day Event Championship 3*
  • 2003 – Represented Australia in the Trans Tasman Challenge in Taupo, New Zealand.

“Fred” was an amazing horse who was retired due to injury.  He now lives in the bottom paddock being “uncle” to the foals.  He is still shod and rugged and loved.

APH Sparky 

A Special mention must go here to the Sparkly one who has just recently been sold. Sparky was trained to 1* by Kate and Sue Burnheim before being passed to Andrew to ride when Kate was pregnant. Sparky really won a place in our hearts here at Werakata Farm not just due to his superstar movement and workmanlike attitude but his absolute consistency. He was Mr. Reliable in every phase, the soundest horse you’ll meet and although we will miss him here, we really wish his new owners the very best of luck and look forward to watching him represent Thailand in the future.

A few of his results:

  • 2017 Equestriad National Eventing Championships CIC 2* – 1st
  • 2017 Sydney Internation Eventing CIC 2* – 1st
  • 2017 Quirindi Eventing CNC 2* – 1st



Sire: Higgins


We have a soft spot for our delightful Henry as he is homebred. His Dam was a beautiful type of mare with a sensible nature which Henry has inherited. His sire Higgins has very good jumping/eventing lines and has put some very talented horses on the ground.  Henry is just the sweetest character and is a favourite around the stables. He tries very hard to please which makes him a pleasure to train.  He has been consistently good in competition so far and we are excited to see how he progresses in 2018

1st- EVA 80cm Tamworth International 2017

3rd- EVA 95cm Sydney Eventing Spring Classic 2017

4th- EVA 95cm Sydney Eventing Summer Classic 2018



Sire: Higgins

Dam: Rita

Holly was born on Christmas Day 2012 and named by my niece Mhairi.  Another homebred horse she is out of one of the best horses I’ve ever ridden.  Rita was put in foal when I was pregnant with Henry. It’s hard to put a working photo up of Holly as she has hardly done any! Due to her arrival time and then to my daughter Phoebe’s subsequent arrival she was broken in late and has led a relaxing life thus far.  She has recently started work and feels like a superstar like her Mum.  Rita was incredibly talented but a bit tricky, but the beautiful Higgins cross has worked a treat improving the rideability!

Go Kidman

Breeders deserve more credit in this sport and Sue Burnheim is doing a great job producing some really good eventers.  Sue was APH Sparky’s breeder and she has also bred the sweetest horse with Kidman.  This is the guy we lead the kids ponies from and for a 4 turning 5 yr old he is the quietest soul you could meet.  We’ve recently bought him from Sue and Andrew and I are share riding him.  He’s Mr Easygoing and a little jumping machine!

1st- EVA 95 Berrima Spring ODE 2017

5th- EVA 95 Sydney Event 2017

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