For sale

– Bradgate Park Grafenhurst –

16.3hh 6yo WB gelding
Gomez is by the super sire Grafenstolz who was the 2016 Trakener of the Year and has produced numerous horses who have competed internationally across a variety of disciplines. Gomez’s dam is Ego Guinevere, renowned for producing highly talented progeny with excellent movement, jumping ability and temperate. She is also the dam of the Australia jumping stallion Camelot Ego Z. 

Gomez has competed up to Elementary level dressage with numerous scores over 70%. Gomez is also a very scopey jumper and has been successful in eventing and show jumping. He has had many wins and placings up to EvA105 level, and was the winner of the 1m class at the 2017 Hunter Valley Showjumping Championships.

Gomez is an extremely consistent performer with expressive, free paces, and is currently training all lateral movements. Gomez is a very flashy horse who turns heads wherever he goes. His breeding and competition record to date show that Gomez has a very successful career ahead of him.

Please contact Andrew Barnett






8 thoughts on “For sale

  1. Hello Tarsha,

    I am enquiring about Bradgate Park Dubonnet and Bradgate Park Reggae. I am looking for another dressage horse with the necessary requirements to be seriously competitive. I am an experienced rider, and have trained horses through to Grand Prix. I am also not very large – 5′ 2″, 48 kg – so 16.2 hh is a max height for me, and also the horse needs to be the lighter, narrower (over back) type. The horse I’m looking for needs to be energetic, forward going and sensitive to the leg (as mine aren’t overly long or strong!).

    Is there any chance that you can provide me with a video of the above two horses? I am also a bit interested in your Spanish boy.

    This is a serious enquiry. I am genuinely trying to find another horse asap.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Kind regards,

    Julie Brougham

    • Hi Julie,

      Sorry about the slow reply, I have been away teaching.
      Reggie rides like a thoroughbred but engages like a warmblood. He is lovely and light to the leg and is super flash. The only problem people will find with him is that some people will find him too reactive but I do tend to like them like that. He went out on the weekend to Alexander Park Dressage and did his first 2 Novice tests on the Saturday and scored 66 for a first and 65 for a third. He was ridden by my partner as I am 6 months pregnant and he is a show-jumper so there is room for improvement there:) Andrew said he felt amazing but would recommend a lunge before riding as he felt a bit hot. He didn’t lunge him because he is a boy and that’s not cool apparently!!! I think you will like this one.
      “Bonnie” is a quieter but heavier ride, not as naturally engaged but has lovely swing. They are very different these two. She is easy to take out, never hot but duller. She went Novice on the weekend too and tied for first with Reggie with a 66 and was 4th behind him in the other one with a 64.
      The little spanish guy is just great in every way, he has a great brain for a stallion. Lovely ability to engage, a super type. Probably not as far along as the other two but gorgeous. We really enjoy having him here.
      We are going to pop the tests up from the weekend so you can have a look, just forgive Andrew his inaccuracies!
      Come on up and ride all three, it makes it worth the drive.
      If you have any other question please call on 0409306710.

    • So sorry for late reply.
      Thank you for the enquiry, Dante is a lovely horse however, we are fortunate enough that the owners would like to keep him.
      Thank you.

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