Bradgate Park Fonzie’s new venture

As we all know Eventing has it’s ups and downs and having Fonzie on the draw always guaranteed a good event for us.  However mid 2017 he sustained a small injury and the decision was made to retire him from Eventing. We and his owner’s John and Bev Healey felt that if we kept eventing him he would have a short yet brilliant career but if we focussed on his dressage he could have a successful but also long one.  Andrew’s regard for this horse is unmatched but we truly believe that in every instance the horses welfare is paramount and decisions must be made with the best interest of the horse at heart.  Between Eventing weekends, the odd show-jumping and dressage day and “family time” dedicating enough time to a straight dressage horse for Andrew is just impossible.  We are very excited to watch the gorgeous, talented and just wonderful in every aspect Emma Bishop ride Fonzie in his dressage career. Go Emma and Fonz Bomb!

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