SIEC ODE – Midweek

I was really keen to get back out eventing again after such a long siesta.  Rio also found it quite exciting and probably needed some of Dave Cameron’s famous stunt riding to make the dressage more appealing. We were rusty as anything and glad to have another run on the weekend.

We managed to coerce Andrew into “coming over to the dark side” by riding some young ones for me.  Initiation by fire, riding 3 horses in 3 different levels and it was a bit much for him obviously and he jumped the wrong fence on John and Bev Healey’s Bradgate Park Aarmani.  He managed to bring a ribbon home in the introductory on Jess Sylvester’s “Johnny Cash” who had a great run all weekend.  The stunning Aloha Desert Lord owned by Jill and John Doyle was Andrews “puppy” all weekend.  He is a gorgeous stallion and caught the eyes of many and impressed the judge with a 70% in the dressage.  Andrew has been offering us dressage lessons ever since!

SIEC ODE – Weekend

I returned for some much needed practice, and a 2* run while Andrew headed off to Tamworth for the showjumping.  Rio was much improved all weekend although the bulbous stomach slowed him down and he slept for days!  No ribbons for us until we can both get fitter and actually make time

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