I was really keen to get back out eventing again after such a long siesta. Rio also found it quite exciting and probably needed some of Dave Cameron’s famous stunt riding to make the dressage more appealing. We were rusty as anything and glad to have another run on the weekend.

Rio’s Lesson With Jamie Coman

If you have a favorite horse, it’s a given that you really want your coach to like it. Really like it. If you get the “good horse” seal of approval, life is good. You approach your first lessons with excitement but also slight trepidation, to get the coach thumbs down could be ruinous to future success.

Rio at Sydney ODE

The challenge to training eventing horses extends beyond simply mastering the three phases, it includes finding enough time to do it! There is so much to work on, dressage, x-country schooling and show-jumping.

Rio the dressage queen!

Truth:… I love dressage. I don’t want to do a Heath or anything-yet, but I really do enjoy shifting around that 20 x 60 arena. Rio, unfortunately hasn’t reached that whole appreciation level yet, he thinks it’s all a bit hard. He does dressage like I do yoga- stiff and awkward but with potential!

His Name is Rio Lobo

The last couple of years have been a bit of a desert in the production of competition horses for myself. Things have been really busy and I got caught up in the day to day business of riding, teaching and the tricky shuffle of a hectic competition schedule.