Singleton Dressage September 2011

Singleton Dressage September 2011

I love Singleton but the weather started out a bit dodgy.  It cleared up and Raffles did his usual consistent test to take home the Novice Champion.  He is such a relaxed individual, the rain doesn’t bother him, slipping in the mud doesn’t bother him, missing a meal though……that would be the end.  John and Bev Healey bred and co-own Raffles with me and they need to make some more just like him :)

One of our local dressage clubs is always a favourite of mine.  Great showground, friendly committee and Carol the super secretary is worth a motza.

I took Rio up for some dressage practice after our fairly dismal dressage at Sydney and he was much improved getting the Elementary Reserve Champion.

Bradgate Park Rosenkranz (Raffles) owned by myself and John and Bev Healey is being lined up for the nationals and he was as reliable as ever winning both the Novice tests and snaffling the Novice Champion for the weekend.

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