Quirindi Event April 2019

After the rider failed the trot up for Equestriad it was good to have have Andrew sound enough to head off to Quirindi ODE.

Vicky and Daryl do a great job. The courses looked good all the way to 4star and the black soil made for fabulous going.

Go Tosca owned by the Burnheim family put in a solid effort to win the Boonoona Design 2star from start to finish. Tosca is a really impressive horse and we are really excited to have him on the truck.

WG Rococo owned by Pam Maclean won the Open Proteq ev95cm. This was our first outing and she was a star. She is a jumping machine and just puts everything into it. Such a good mare with an exciting future.

As most people know I am not the most mechanically gifted person. So once Terry noticed that the inside tyre on the semi trailer was looking in bad shape we made a proactive decision to change it while we were at the event! Unfortunately the spare that we changed it to was suffering from neglect. Feeling pretty chuffed with the weekend and the fact that we dodged a bullet with the tyre the mood of the truck was pretty cheerful! 26km on the west side of singleton the well rested spare exploded and badly bent the metal mudguard and the weekend came to a grinding halt! (Big thanks to everyone who rang or texted to see if they could help) We decided to put the old tyre back on and had to channel some inner Magyver to relocate the bent out of shape mudguard. Nothing a ratchet strap and a bit of hydraulic help couldn’t fix. Sarah was an absolutely champion in her assistant mechanic capacity. Thank-you Sarah! Our sad little tyre limped home like a lame old horse but did the job😂. Good horse!

A Massive thank-you to all the sponsors and the hard working Quirindi committee.

Thank also to Sharon Palmari from Delucus restaurant who provided the most beautiful Italian food. It made the weekend easier and tastier!

Big shout out to our sponsors Mitavite, Samshield, Cwd, freejump, majyk equipe xc and showjumping boots

Next stop the tyre shop and onto Sydney!

#mitavite #mitavitehygain #freejump #Cwd #majykequipe #

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