Werakata Farm introduces – Remi

Werakata Farm is very excited to introduce a new addition to our team, “Remi”.

Remi is part of a new initiative between the Standardbred Pleasure and Performance Horse Association of NSW and Harness Racing NSW.

The Standardbred Pleasure and Performance Horse Association of NSW (SPPHA NSW), is a not-for-profit organisation promoting life after racing for Standardbred horses (please visit their website at http://www.standardbred.org.au).

Our hope is that Remi will help advertise and promote the great temperament and abilities of Standardbreds for use in the performance world.

Remi is 5 yr old and 17 hh. We have had him in training for just over a month now and he’s has been an absolute pleasure to work with . From the moment he stepped off the truck he has been completely relaxed in his new home. His training has involved some arena work where he was showing us some lovely trot work and jumping baby logs on the cross country course to develop the canter. He has a wonderful trainable nature and is a great type and is always drawing lovely comments from onlookers.

We look forward to updating you with Remi’s progress over the next few months.


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