Coonabarrabran Clinic

I love teaching at “Coona”.  The people are great, the kids are “take homeable” and the x-country course makes teaching a breeze.  Duncan lends me his quad so I get to whizz around the course that Richard should take big rewards for.  Everytime I go up I am just so impressed with the riding standard of these kids. I was there last monday and tuesday for the pony club camp and these kids have so much fun I want to grab a pony and join in.  They do everything, from camdrafting to jumping to polocross to mention but a few and when they turn up to the dressage lesson they are so polite they don’t even look miserable!  I’ve taught up here for a few years now and I’m still so impressed when I see kids like Claire and Tom jump in stock saddles!  That’s hard core!  Love you kids, you’re all brilliant.

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