Equestriad August 2011.

The committe did a great job running this event.  So many entries, so few problems.

We managed to drag Andrew along again with the carrot being a Pre-Novice start.  Bradgate Park Aarmani is so bold he could cart your grandma around although she’s have sore arms at the finish pegs.  He is jumping 1.10m showjuming so that phase was covered, but the dressage could have done with a bit more practice! 10th place was a great result for their first Pre-Novice though and with Andrew remembering the course John and Bev could breathe a sigh of relief.

Aloha Desert Lord went up a level to Introductory with the young stallion on the promise of heading off to Yass to spend some months in the paddocks with his girlfriends on Sunday when he finishes the event.  He gave Andrew a great ride all weekend and his owners John and Jill Doyle got to see their stunning Anglo in action.  If anyone is after a very typey, versatile and geuine stallion look at this guy, he is just lovely.

I’m still not lighting any fires with Rio yet, and I think my show-jumping was my best phase of the event…..Don’t think I’ve ever said that before!

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