Fuzzy Logic, Adelaide 2001****.

Fuzzy Logic, Adelaide This was Adelaide 2001 in the 4*. This is my favourite photo of Fred doing dressage as it’s the end of the test! He actually did a cracker for him and we ended up 5th at the end of the event. Especially good as it was a selection event and we were…

Crackberry doing dressage in camden

Crackberry. Dressage at Camden ODE

Crackberry doing dressage in Camden. Main Event Photography This was Willy at Camden in March of 2007.  I loved doing dressage on him, but he was hot this day.  See, no spurs:).  I remember he wasn’t warming up quite according to plan but then clicked in to gear and he pulled off a test above…

Rio at Sydney ODE

The challenge to training eventing horses extends beyond simply mastering the three phases, it includes finding enough time to do it! There is so much to work on, dressage, x-country schooling and show-jumping.

Rio the dressage queen!

Truth:… I love dressage. I don’t want to do a Heath or anything-yet, but I really do enjoy shifting around that 20 x 60 arena. Rio, unfortunately hasn’t reached that whole appreciation level yet, he thinks it’s all a bit hard. He does dressage like I do yoga- stiff and awkward but with potential!